Intimate Conversation

There is one foundational principle upon which every religion maintains its hold over the people. That principle is: “I didn’t say it — God did.

In other words, BEFORE all else fails, blame it on God. If we are to believe this, we must also conclude that God is a lying, double-minded lunatic, considering the conflicting messages attributed to Him by those today who are professing to “channel” God’s voice. On any given day, we witness various people writing lengthy “Words from the Lord” on social media, each “Word,” contradicting the other. Therefore, if it is true that God gave each of these “thus saith the Lord” words, then God must be a nut case, right?


Let me begin by saying that I once thought that such “charlatanism” was part of a well thought-out plan. There are certainly a few such charlatans in the mix, but for the most part, I have come to realize that it is a trap into which we are all subject to fall. Those individuals, who get up every day reporting to the world what God supposedly told them overnight, have merely come to believe their own press. Indoctrination from others is dangerous but when "self" indoctrinates self, it is the worst. To have people listen to us speak is tempting. To have people anxiously waiting for us to speak for God is intoxicating.

It is a sad thing to witness one person waiting anxiously on another person to tell them what God is saying. THE PROPHET of all prophets has come! Through Jesus, we ALL have total access to the Father. And yet, we live as if God is too great for the common man to approach. I saw it just this week on social media. A self-proclaimed “prophet,” pinned his lengthy and confusing political opinion off on God. As the comments poured in like a flood, one lady replied, “OH, I’ve been waiting patiently. I just KNEW God would give a Word on this!”

Ironically, I doubt that this lady would have been so thrilled and sure that this Word was from God had she read another Word a different man posted that completely contradicted the previous Word. Mind you, each prophet was careful to operate from a common fundamental principle. Each man pinned his personal opinion off on God. I have no issue with people offering their opinions. Like certain parts of the anatomy, we all have one. However, a person needn’t listen long to discern which part of the anatomy released a particular opinion on social media. Nevertheless, free indeed, means, free indeed. We are each entitled to our opinions as long as we understand they are just that — opinions.

Our beliefs cross the line into charlatanism when we cover our backsides by representing our views as a direct quote from God Himself. God does not contradict Himself. God is not confusing, and it would take a drugged up panel of Einstein’s to decipher most of the Words floating around social media today anyway.

God is neither Republican nor Democrat and He is no closer to being American than He is to being Israeli or African. God is God. His ways are higher, deeper, wider and infinitely higher than we, talking balls of dust, could ever comprehend. All we need to know is that He desperately loves us — ALL of us. Though God inspires us all — He whispers secrets to no one person, asking that person to let the rest of us in on the secret. Believing that God whispers secrets to one man, to be passed along to the masses, displaces our focus from God to man. Lest there be any idea to the contrary — this article represents my opinion. Grace allows plenty of room for loving disagreement.

Do you want to know what God is saying to you today?


He is whispering a particular message specifically to you. A good father would never speak through one child to communicate that child’s siblings. To do so would signify the one child as an heir and the remaining children as orphans. To send a message to each in any other way than intimate would seem impersonal — diminishing your importance — misrepresenting His love.

Do you know how unique and special you are? You and God are in private conversation.