Blue Ribbon Rose

Today is not a day for focusing on what we’ve lost. We just need to appreciate all the beauty left around us and know that we are blessed. Whatever you were about to decide, make sure never to decide anything worth obtaining based on temporary feelings. Our emotions are like the wind – blowing one way today, and another tomorrow. 

You are special. Your journey is unique, impossible to compare to the life of another. God chose YOU for this body – this soul – THIS DESTINY! Embrace it. You will never influence others by becoming who they want you to be. We are all on this earth to bless by our differences, not live in the realm of false acceptance through surrendering to peer pressure. Being different isn’t a bad thing. It’s the thing that separates the Blue Ribbon Rose from the funeral home variety. You're different, and THAT makes you a winner!

In celebrating our differences, it’s important that we remain humble, knowing we’re not better than anyone, but wise enough to know it’s okay to be different from all the rest. Be real. Be yourself. Authenticity leads to a life of honesty, humility, and happiness. Contrary to popular belief - it's okay to be happy.