Throw a stone in the water and ripple after ripple will appear across the water. Rest beside the water, appreciative and grateful for its beauty, and the waters will calmly reflect the sun. This is life.

Love produces love, and hate breeds hate. Just as it is impossible to cast a stone in the water without generating many ripples, it is also impossible to throw hate, expecting love, peace, and tranquility in
return. Whatever we toss onto the waters, returns to us on every wave.

Say what you will, support whom you support, or identify yourself with whatever group, cause, theology, or political party that makes you comfortable. In such things, there is no right or wrong. Freedom to
choose is not only our American right, but also it is also the privilege of Grace. Nevertheless, believing that we can escape the tsunami waves yet to come from our choice to cast stones, rather than rest in gratefulness, is foolishness magnified to insanity. The ripples are on the water. Soon, the destructive waves will overtake us.

It’s time we blink a few times, take a deep breath, and snap out of this cult-like, hypnotic state America has embraced. Do we not realize that we can stay married for 50 years, and still be madly in love, while voicing disagreement with the one to whom we have pledged our allegiance? If we don’t know that, then do not be deceived into believing that what we have is an actual marriage. It is merely a prison, where one party is controlled, and the other holds the key.

If we believe our rhetoric, we must hold those whom we support to a higher standard than the one they seek to impose on their loyal constituency. The change we’re looking for will come to America when we stop confusing blind allegiance with loyal support and begin recognizing it for the cultish blindness that it is, behind all of the religious jargon we have chosen to prop it up. There is nothing wrong with saying, “I support you – I stand with you – NOW, cut it out!”

Jesus did it with Peter. When Peter opened his mouth to talk trash, Jesus said, “Get your goofy self behind Me, Lucifer.” Did Jesus love Peter? Yes, He did. Did Jesus kick Peter out of his tightly knit group of disciples? No, He did not. Jesus merely said, “I support you – I stand with you – NOW cut it out!”

This is the calming force we need in America right now – this moment – TODAY. Those who can’t find anything good to say about the chosen leader of this nation need to sit calmly by the waters until they can. You are only part of the problem if you decide to throw stones into the water, expecting peace.

Likewise, those who have chosen to support, defend, and excuse that same leadership, regardless of what the leader says or does, need to step up and speak with the same wisdom that Jesus voiced to Peter. “I support you – I stand with you – NOW, cut it out!”

Do this, and the impending tsunami just might subside to a few ripples. After all, no one was ever destroyed by ripples.