Change Is Coming

By: Danny Wallace

There is nothing like feeling trapped. Believe me – I know. You begin to feel that nothing is ever going to change. The walls start to close in and a sense of hopelessness sets in quickly, like the ocean’s evening tide closing in on the shore.

Every abused child has felt it. Every person in a relationship where the other person has lost the will to try has felt it, as well. You may even feel it now. You may be feeling trapped, unappreciated, and destined to spend the rest of your days in misery for the sake of survival. This is just what the enemy wants you to feel. For you see, the enemy works with the feelings of the flesh. He leads us to believe that “if we feel it,” then it must be so. NEWS FLASH! “Faith has nothing to do with feelings.” 

Faith is realizing that the God who spoke the universe into existence is arranging things, as we speak, that we cannot see, dream, or imagine. Just around the next curve in the road is an opportunity we couldn’t have possibly known about. Do you know why? Because Papa wanted to surprise us! Like any loving Father, He can hardly wait to see the excited look of surprise on our faces when the desire of our heart is presented to us, all wrapped up with a beautiful bow on top!

But pay close attention here. This is why the enemy works so hard on our fleshly feelings. He knows that our true destiny comes to life when “preparation meets opportunity.” He overwhelms us with the feeling that nothing will ever change for us because he knows that our Papa is about to present an opportunity that will be the fulfillment of all we have ever dreamed of living out on this earth. Therefore, he hopes to weaken our faith so that no preparation will be made in faithful anticipation of that which we cannot see. 

I am writing today to say, “Dream Big!” And after you have dreamed, clean off a place for God to present the answer. Prepare as you would for out of town visitors to arrive. Know in your heart that God never fails. He has heard your prayers and He desires to give you the wonderful destiny that is the dream and desire of your heart. Pay no attention to your current circumstances. Believe God for a miracle and know that although you can’t see it, or understand how He could possibly accomplish it out of your present circumstances – change is coming! 

A caterpillar spins its cocoon believing that this is the end of the road. He is weary and in his mind he has crawled his last mile. Little does he know that soon he will have beautiful wings of amazing color! When he closed the last thread of his cocoon to settle into a forever sleep, how could he have known about the surprise waiting just around the next curve in the road? The art of living is in knowing what to hold, and what to release. Let go. Change is coming.