Timing Is Everything

Timing Is Everything

By: Danny Wallace


Timing is everything. Ecclesiastes 3 says that there is an opportune time to do things, a right time for everything on the earth. There is a time to be born, and a time to die, a time to sow, and a time to reap. Timing is everything.

Imagine for a moment that Jesus, The Messiah, had been born in the 21st Century. It matters not the place of His birth, but imagine also that He was born in the United States of America. Can you even begin to picture the outcome of such poor timing? It would change everything. The Gospel, as we know it, would forever be altered. 

On this imaginary trip let us keep the elements the same. His birth is still by the womb of a virgin, and He is still born in very humble and lowly surroundings. Maybe He would be born in a part of town that we call, “The Projects.” Maybe His mother is part Jew and part African-American. In our current century of Facebook and instantaneous, worldwide media can you even begin to imagine the reports? 

“Black Girl In Slums, Claiming To Be A Virgin, Says She Is Carrying The Son of God!!!”

There would most likely be hundreds of videos uploaded to YouTube as people all around the world rush to mock the “virgin slum” birth with a comical rap version of the news report. “Yeah, right,” the lyrics would declare, “She a virgin – she a virgin!” Timing is everything.

Now imagine if you can, the people who would likely believe the report and rush to follow the Christ child. To call them the “fringe” of society would be an understatement. They would likely be comprised of former potheads, left over hippies, or the kookiest of Charismatics. Religion would immediately denounce it all as nothing less than a blasphemous outrage! No doubt, as the Christ child grew, and His miracles of love, mercy, and healing were reported at every turn the very second that they happened, all but the “fringe” of this world would declare Jesus Christ to be nothing more than the right arm of Beelzebub, or at the very least; “A Charlatan.” Timing is everything.

God’s wisdom is deep and infinite. Every star was placed in the sky by the strategic plan of His omnipotent heart. Every child was born at precisely the right moment in time through the entrance door of God’s own design, regardless of the circumstances that may lead man to declare otherwise. Likewise, every death is no less than God’s precise exit door that remains forever tied to the promise of our entrance. Timing is everything.

Today, we each find ourselves standing in the midst of a multitude of varying circumstances. Each of us will be met today with varying people, offering us vast possibilities, both in what we receive and in what we choose to give back to each of them. For some of us it appears that life is good and our health is such that life will surely go on forever. How could we know that today might bring the beauty of our very last earthly sunset? 

For others it may appear that life is no longer worth living. They may feel unloved, unwanted, and totally unworthy of even the very breath that is necessary to sustain basic life. How could they know that tomorrow holds the joy and fulfillment of God’s every promise? Timing is everything. 

With this imaginary trip being pondered, and considering your own circumstances today, in whom will you trust? Will you trust your friends, or your family? Will you trust the church, the world, or the intellect of centuries of earthly thinkers? Surely, in this moment of decision you will not trust in the agenda of your enemies. In whom will you trust? Are God’s promises true for “all,” or for only a few? 

Know this. Everything that has happened from your door of entrance into this world until this very moment in time is the gift of God. Only God knows the unique road that you must travel to receive the joy and abundance of His promise. Receive it. It was promised – delivered – and finished by the Grace of God. Consider the journey to be your personal blessing of a glorious inheritance. We are each on a unique and strategic journey, just as each star was strategically placed in the sky by the fulfillment of God’s loving, and omnipotent heart. 

If you were thinking of giving up today, ”Hold on, and trust God alone.” Timing is everything.