Ocean Of Grace

Ocean Of Grace

By: Danny Wallace

I fully understand how a person once drowning and now rescued would passionately want to make sure that no other person ever comes close to drowning on his, or her watch. What I do not understand is the religious logic behind “pointing at drowning people” as a means of accomplishing their rescue. Wisdom tosses the drowning person the same life preserver that brought them to safety. Fools simply point to the obvious, with no solution in hand.

I read an article of fiction recently where a lighthouse was used as a symbol of Jesus, and all Christians. This bizarre allegory depicted a lighthouse caretaker as having given away so much fuel to passing ships in distress that he no longer had enough fuel to keep the lighthouse burning, causing ships to crash, and lives to be lost. 

The moral to this ridiculous analogy was that often we Christians get so caught up in social issues like, feeding the hungry, and helping the poor that we lose sight of our main responsibility as Christians, which is to “point at sin,” lest sinful lives crash into Hell and be destroyed. 

I can’t believe that any person ever dreamed of such an absurd analogy to depict Jesus, our Savior, who sacrificed everything to set us free from such religious lunacy. Who on earth considers comparing “pointing at sin” to feeding the hungry, and clothing the naked, must less, as having abandoned our true calling unto Jesus Christ? Do we have such a dose of religion in our veins that we have gone completely mad? Are lives being lost? Lives are lost if the cross is a myth. Quite to the contrary, mortal lives are being imprisoned, and that indeed, is a tragic loss. 

Let’s get this “lighthouse” analogy settled and clear, once and for all. Many of you have probably heard, and even sung the lyrics to a popular gospel song that says, “I thank God for the Lighthouse. I owe my life to Him. Jesus is the Lighthouse.”

I’ve sung those same lyrics. They are wrong on every level. A lighthouse WARNS people of danger. Referring to Jesus as a lighthouse suggests that many Christians believe that Jesus came to WARN us to stay away from sin. No He didn’t. Jesus Christ, the living Son of God, came to be the full, final, and finished sacrifice for “all” of our sins. Jesus is not a lighthouse that tells vessels approaching Him to run in the opposite direction, lest they perish. Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life that says, “Come to me, all of you who are weary, and heavy burdened, and I will lift your load, and I will give you rest.”

If we wanted to make a relevant truth out of an analogy using a lighthouse as its central point of reference we would point out that the “lighthouse” in the story is religion and the Law, therefore, explaining why “in the real world,” no ship in its right mind would ever venture anywhere near a lighthouse. The lighthouse is not there so we can run to it – it is there so we will run away. The idea that religion and the Law can “refuel” our tank by pointing at our sin is the same as saying that hungry men are filled by calling them “hungry.” 

Therefore, when you are sailing in absolute freedom on the waters of Grace, never venture near a “lighthouse” of religion that represents itself as a “refueling station.” It is not. Turn, and sail in the glorious freedom of Jesus Christ, on God’s Ocean of Grace.