Wait Patiently

Wait Patiently

By: Danny Wallace

A life in full-time ministry is an honor, a blessing, and “for me,” a tremendous joy. It is not always easy, but nonetheless, always a joy. From the flight of Grace it is determined with great ease that “if you breathe,” you are a treasure.

For those new to my articles let me quote something I have quoted repeatedly. It is the foundation for how I choose to conduct myself in ministry. “Never defend, or explain yourself. Your friends don’t require it, and your enemies will never believe you.”

If joy has left your life, and most especially, your ministry, perhaps you have lost sight of how deep and wide God’s promises actually reach, and how far the arm of Grace extends. The enemy doesn’t care how much we speak of Grace – he fears our refusal to abandon the glory of Grace to wallow in the muddy terrain of his kingdom turf whispered innuendos and malicious gossip.

When we see ALL people as treasures, refusing to get down in the mud and sling it back at our detractors, Lucifer comes out swinging. He calls upon every controlling spirit from, “Jezebel,” to Molech, in an attempt to place a negative word on our lips for a particular person, rather than standing firm in nothing less than a blessing for all people.

If you never pay attention to a single word I write – remember these words for as long as you live. You have absolutely no control over what others choose to say about you. Negative words are like feathers in the wind. They can never be retrieved, defended, or explained. Never waste a single word, or even a breath trying to defend against someone with a negative agenda. Evil speaks well for itself. A corrupt motive doesn’t need your assistance to reveal its true agenda. In due time, every slanderous and negative word that has been whispered in darkness will be revealed in the light. Wait patiently. God has a plan.

In the meantime, bless all people. Pray for God’s treasures, especially those that may temporarily be operating in a negative spirit. Separate the spirit from the person. Bless the person and side-step the negative spirit, trusting God to reveal all things in love, truth, and healing as only He can.

Do not fear your enemies. Love and bless them all. Trust in the eternal goodness of the Lord. He will not fail you. Bless – love – forgive, and wait patiently.