A Moment

A Moment

By: Danny Wallace

Our world can completely change in sixty seconds. A person also has the power to make a single decision in a single moment that will change the world forever. Ask Rosa Parks. After years of riding on the back of the bus because of the color of her skin, one day Rosa Parks decided, “Not one moment longer.” 

On that day, in that moment, Rosa Parks made a decision that set in motion a chain of events she could not have possibly predicted. Nevertheless, her decision released a wave of freedom unto an entire race of people. A moment in time is not exclusive to Rosa Parks. We each have our allotted number of moments. Like sand through an hourglass, they are steadily passing into the vast space of time. Once they pass they are gone forever, never to return again. What we do with each moment is powerful and priceless.

In this day of mega platforms, PR firms, and high-tech media, we have come to believe that we are more of a speck within humanity than we have ever been before. If we’re looking for personal notoriety, that’s probably true. But in the scope of giving others their eternal destiny we hold the same great power within each of our precious moments that Adam and Eve held at the beginning of life in theirs.

What will you do with this moment? Will you kiss the cheek of a broken heart, or toss a slur at your nearest foe? Will you rush through today with no thought for others, or will you drop to your knees in humble gratitude to the Giver of this moment? 

Will you speak of Jesus, and His glory, or will you complain about your circumstances? Both the “choice,” and the moment are yours. What you decide might just set in motion something that sets the world free.

This moment will never return again. Treat it well, and all that live within it.