This Is Peace

This Is Peace

By: Danny Wallace

Finished, unconditional, and complete are words no man can understand. To receive them is to do so strictly by faith, not by logic. There is no need in pretending otherwise. 

Nevertheless, with this having been fully established, “finished,” means “finished,” and “unconditional” remains firmly in place without a single condition attached. In this, all things are complete between God and man. Man cannot finish by logical condition what God has already completed.No person will stand in Heaven by his, or her own merit. 

No person will stand in Heaven by the keeping of the Law, and likewise, they will not be excluded by breaking that same Law. When we stand in Heaven, we will stand as a glorious testimony to the completed sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Man offers nothing to God that makes Heaven a reality. 

The sacrifice of Jesus for the sins of the world is to God’s glory, and to our benefit, not the other way around. Likewise, the home that was promised, and now fully prepared and waiting for each of us In Heaven is to God’s glory, and to our benefit. 

The sooner we know this in the innermost depth of our being we are at peace with God, our fellowman, and ourselves. Until then, self remains on the throne, ruling with the scepter of self-righteousness, and Heaven is ours to merit. As long as man is involved in the finishing, each condition we offer as a means to the completion insures a world divided by religious deception.

“Finished” sets us free. “Unconditional” couldn’t possibly involve us, for no man has the capacity to understand it. “Complete” ended the story long before we ever arrived on the scene. This is peace.