The Perfect Gift

The Perfect Gift

By: Danny Wallace

Grace dives deeper, reaches farther, and ascends to heights greater than we can imagine. We can only believe, and even “belief” in the vastness of Grace appears beyond our capacity.

This leaves everything exactly where it should be. Grace remains beyond our reach to accomplish, and far beyond the perimeter of our belief to make it real. Therefore, Grace is out of our control. It is God’s alone to accomplish, give, and sustain. We are beneficiaries of its greatness – nothing more, and nothing less. Our faith in Grace takes us on an incredible flight, but neither our faith in Grace, nor our ability to understand gives God’s perfect gift its wings. 

Thousands of books have been written in an attempt to explain the wonder of Grace, and thousands more will most likely follow. After all, Grace is a hot topic surrounded by much religious controversy. So much so that the author of absolute freedom was crucified for guaranteeing that the humility of Grace would remain forever beyond the reach of man’s self-righteousness. 

Perplexing indeed, when you consider that not a single sentence is required from man to complete the eternal glory of Grace. No matter what we say, and no matter what we do, “Grace” is perfect in, and of itself. It is like a priceless work of art, forever guarded from the touch of man’s religious crayon. 

Our better understanding will not make Grace stronger, and our absolute lack of understanding will not render it void. The perfect work of God’s heart doesn’t need the touch, explanation, or understanding of clay hands. Grace is the Master’s priceless masterpiece given to clay vessels that otherwise, never could be.

The gift makes us perfect, making Grace, the perfect gift.