True Legacy

True Legacy

By: Danny Wallace

When a nation is attacked a nation must defend its people. This is common sense 101. Based on the nature of the attack, the response may vary; nevertheless, the people must be protected and defended at all costs.

These are perilous times. Anger resides in every nation, on ever street corner, and deep within the most unsuspecting of people. Sometimes, when we least expect it, the viper of anger strikes from its secluded coil. Anger falls indiscriminately from the platforms of dictators, and from the pulpits of religion’s most admired Ambassadors. It is a no-brainer what should be done when anger lashes out in aggression. It remains a mystery as to why we never seek to know where the anger comes from so that the healing balm of love can be applied on the brokenness long before the strike occurs.

All aggression has a central source. It springs forth from the pain of unworthiness. No person, and no nation strikes first from a heart of affirmation, value, or self-worth. Anger always comes from a heart of condemnation, isolation, and unworthiness. Other than a diagnosis of individual insanity, something that never occurs in mass, there is no exception to this rule. Write it down – memorize it – and decide now what you bring to the legacy of those who follow your example. We are either insane with anger – choosing to brainwash our followers, or we are saturated with love – leading all who follow to a place of joy and peace.

At the cross of Christ old things passed away, and “everything” became new. The better promises of God arrived in One sweet, and final sacrifice. The sins of the world were forgiven, cast into the Sea of Forgetfulness, as far as the east is from the west. In one prophetic moment the line between Jew and Gentile was forever erased. Through the sacrifice of Grace the linage of Ishmael stands side-by-side in God’s eyes with the linage of Isaac. From that point on there was no more “God’s chosen people,” vs. “a nation born of lying with a whore.” All of the earth was instantly “born of a virgin” through the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, our Lord.

This is not just Good News – this is incredible news! Sadly, it is news that was never told, and remains nothing more than a fable to the continuing legacy of both Isaac and Ishmael. Equally sad, it will most likely remain so until the end of time as we know it since the very core of Christianity rejects this news, as well. The Good News of Christ changes the world. The Old news of “Chosen” vs. “Rejected,” presents us with more of the same anger, division, and self-righteousness we’ve had for centuries. 

When a child is born with every conceivable plague, problem, and disadvantage, other than the privilege of being told every single day of its life what a blessing, treasure, and glory to God’s own heart it is, and you will one day see an adult that rises up to bless, treasure, and love all people. 

Likewise, let a child be born with every conceivable blessing known to man, other than the fact that the child never hears a single word of encouragement, blessing, or affirmation of worth spoken to its heart, and you will one see one of two things. Either the weak child will perish by its own hand, or the adult survivor will rise up in anger to demand a violent reckoning unto its due worth, causing others to perish in the wake of its anger.

Grace produces a love that covers a multitude of sins. Law causes division of judgment that produces an anger that cannot be quenched. 

Common sense certainly dictates that we must protect ourselves by attacking the symptoms of anger when aggression strikes. However, “wisdom” quickly determines the root of anger, applying the healing balm of love and Grace for the legacy of future generations.