Ours To Cherish

Ours To Cherish

By: Danny Wallace

Psalm 103 foretold of God’s glorious New Covenant to come. It testifies of God’s true nature – eternal intent – and irrefutable promise to mankind.

We are told not to forget God’s great benefits, promising that He forgives ALL of our sins. He has redeemed our lives from Hell, and crowned every person with love and compassion. God satisfied our every desire with good things to renew our youth.

God works righteousness and true justice for everyone oppressed. God’s justice is from a pure heart of pure motives, therefore, He is compassionate and gracious, overflowing to the point of “thriving” in love for all people.

Our Lord does not treat us as our sins deserve, or repay us according to our iniquities, as religion and Old Covenant Law require. He is totally and completely the New Covenant God of absolute forgiveness. His love is as high as the heavens are, casting every transgression from us by His perfect sacrifice.

The same as a father has compassion on his children; God has perfect compassion on all people. He knows what we could never know. He knows how we are formed, remembering that we are dust. God understands how frail we are – like grass, we flourish like flowers in a field, until the wind blows us over, and suddenly we are gone. 

There was a time when the Old Covenant had to be kept to the letter to keep us on the “good side” of a powerful, and angry God. Now, by our Papa’s own design, we are loved and accepted eternally through a New Covenant that is His to keep and ours to cherish.