Much Thunder - Little Rain

Much Thunder - Little Rain

By: Danny Wallace

We often speak the most when we know the least. Knowledge never promotes outrage. I think I’ve put it this way before; “It is the empty wagon that makes the loudest noise.”

Most of what we oppose in the flesh comes from total ignorance regarding the full content of that which has us angered. The motive of our religious “stand” comes from our direct opposition to the person who proposed an idea that we know nothing about, but are fully convinced that “if we did,” we wouldn’t like it. Have you ever encountered such a person? If you’re thinking that a rational discussion with such a person is a possibility, save your breath – smile – and walk away. The agenda of hatred and ignorance will not be deterred. 

I’m reminded of an old joke about an Indian Chief who heard an American Evangelist rant and rave for about an hour and half. He then witnessed hundreds of people getting in a prayer line to receive a “miracle” from this man of God. After the service was over someone asked the Chief what he thought of what he had witnessed. The Chief said, “Much thunder – little rain.” 

That pretty much says it all when you listen to the loud and vicious opinions of religion ranting endlessly day in, and day out. Religion’s crops are dry. When all is said and done, the “stand” of religion is much thunder and little rain. 

Wouldn’t you have loved to have lived during the time when that first dude came up with the idea that the earth is a round ball floating somewhere in the galaxy? “Heresy, I say, “Heresy,” shouts the voice of righteous indignation!

Does anyone remember the ranting and raving when Elvis first twisted his hips on national TV? The verdict from the talking heads was that the world was going straight to Hell and surely this was evidence of the impending rapture. 

Man loves to talk. We especially love to talk about whom, and what is wrong (and it’s seldom the “talker) and what the talker is doing in secret behind closed doors. There was laughter heard around the world when the first television sets were made available to the open market. Scoffers said that it was the stupidest invention ever – nothing more than a passing fad. We all know how that “fad” turned out.

Religious men are no different than the children they discipline for throwing fits when they don’t get their way. We are pros at that trick. We rant, rave, and spew our venom to any available ear that is willing to tune into our particular station. We hide in the bushes of life just waiting for someone to propose an idea that either “we,” or religion’s “Man of the hour did not come up with. It doesn’t matter what the idea is, since we have no interest in listening, nor possess any true knowledge regarding its content. We just find our purpose in life by having one more thing, and one more person to oppose. This is the corrupt, and damnable cage of religion.

In times like these I often wonder what would happen if we were called to court to take the witness stand with these simple instructions. You may speak as long as you desire to speak on this subject, or about this particular person so long as you have hard proof and extensive “first-hand knowledge” regarding the subject of which you are so eager to be heard. It would become next to impossible for any man to testify if the last instruction was, “You must keep it positive.” 

All testimony would cease if the law of the land said, “Should it be discovered that you just like to talk to hear your ears rattle – then it’s off with your head.” What a quiet world we would suddenly encounter.

And in times like these I truly wonder what we would experience if suddenly all of our ranting and raving – opposing and name calling, were replaced with the glorious power of the Golden Rule. “Treat ALL people the way you would like to be treated.” What an amazing world we would live in if we all pledged to do and say “nothing” until we could do to others and speak of others the way we would hope beyond all hope that others would do and say unto us. 

Sadly, most modern-day Christians would be left with nothing to say. Yet, this is the living testimony of who we are, and whom we truly serve. Jesus was fully qualified to judge, and yet He refused to do so. He was completely holy, and therefore, worthy to call out all who were unholy, and yet – He would not. We, on the other hand, know little to nothing of that which we speak, and yet we condemn all who do not walk to the beat of our particular drum. I repeat – the agenda of hatred and ignorance will not be deterred. 

If we have ever lived in a time when we need to unearth our treasure, and unearth the treasure in all people, that time is now. This is the time to bless the person we publicly slandered yesterday. Today is a day to love that person the same as Christ loves us, and most certainly loves them. Today is a wonderful opportunity to forgive those who deserve it the least in our personal, albeit, “unqualified” opinion.

From this decision - miracles happen.