Priceless Inscription

Priceless inscription

By: Danny Wallace

We need no further evidence of Grace than this. If even one who believed they were going to Heaven has actually made it, surely entrance was easy. Moreover, if we who are alive shall one day abide inside those gates of pearl, then God’s finished work of Grace is the only explanation. Otherwise, even a lake of fire is far above ours to accomplish.

The price for our entrance into God’s eternal home was beyond the scope of difficult. For man – it was impossible. So the Potter laid down His life, and the clay became a vessel of worth through His sacrifice. That is quite a price, indeed – rendering the Potter forever glorious, and His works of art eternally priceless.

After all of this, how sad to encounter a body of believers today who “know” that others aren’t worthy of entrance, and they’re not so sure where they even stand on most days. So it is with the wisdom of children. We stand before the world as kindergarteners with crayons – believing we possess what it takes to render priceless works of art with colored wax, and vivid imaginations. However, like small children, we are completely dependent upon a Papa who possesses the wisdom and love to overlook our foolishness. Art is priceless because it is finished by the Master; otherwise, it is destined for the gallery of refrigerator doors.

It doesn’t matter what we think, believe, or imagine regarding our ability to create art that is priceless. It only matters what the King has said, and He says every child is priceless. The inscription is crystal clear – written on each and every heart by the blood of the Lamb.