A Short Allegory

A Short Allegory

By: Danny Wallace

A person must be a billionaire to get to Heaven. The money must be in an account bearing his, or her name. Millionaires do not qualify for Heaven, and paupers are out of the question. One must be a billionaire without exception. The King of Heaven is a billionaire and all must be like Him to enter in.

There was a time when every person struggled desperately to be rich. Some grew very wealthy, but none achieved billionaire status. Therefore, no one hit the mark. Multi-millionaires lorded over paupers, pretending to be billionaires, but no one was worthy of entrance into Heaven.

One day the richest man to ever live deposited 400 billion dollars into every person’s personal account. The account was opened by this great man, and therefore, could not be closed or transferred by any higher authority. Being the reigning Prince of Heaven, and therefore, the final authority of all who enter in, His word was final. 

The deposit came with a special clause. Should any person ever spend down to 100 billion dollars in their personal account, another 300 billion would be immediately deposited to bring the account right back to its original standing. At no time “ever” would any person’s account even come close to disqualifying them from being a legal billionaire. There would be no further need for deposits from the people.

The deed was done, and this great man had to return to his opulent empire. Before leaving the man left specific instructions for every person to “go and tell” the good news that ALL were made billionaires by His deposit. No man can add to it, and no man can deplete the account. 

Some people rejoiced and praised the name of this great, and benevolent man. Others laughed and said that there are no free lunches in life. Some believed and lived rich and blessed lives. Others did not believe, continuing to live from paycheck to paycheck. Nevertheless, “ALL” were billionaires – not by the spending of the recipient, but by the authority of the Depositor. 


We bring nothing of worth to our account, and neither can we deplete it. Spend – hoard – or work ourselves to the point of death if we so desire, but there is no further need for sacrifice. What we do changes everything about the destiny we have been given here. It changes nothing regarding the deposit that deems us forever righteous. 

A Rembrandt has great value by the signature of the artist, not by the ownership of the collector. So it is with Grace. The gift of God to the entire world is priceless by His sacrifice, not ours – by His death, not our living. To understand this is to be truly alive today, and forevermore.