Because They Breathe

Because They Breathe

By: Danny Wallace

Why do we love all people? Because they breathe. When do we stop loving? You tell me.

How many times do we hear someone make a statement, or ask a question on social media, knowing that both the statement and the question will create a landslide of hatred? It’s called “passive aggressive” hatred. It is akin to that person we have all known in our lives who throws a lot of sneaky, emotional trash into the air, but seemingly, none of it lands on them. Their hands remain clean. So it is with passive aggressive, hatred.

“What? I didn’t do anything. I just made a simple statement, or asked a simple question. How was I to know that it would create such a firestorm of hatred, and insulting remarks from every post that followed? It’s not on me. I didn’t speak hatred. I simply asked a question.“

Just in case anyone is confused, this response is the “none of it lands on me” part. Here’s a little piece of homework that didn’t originate with me. Every wise grandfather, or grandmother that has ever lived has taught this principle. In the next thirty days, if you can’t say something that brings a blessing, hope, or joy to someone’s day, just remain silent until you can. No doubt there will be far fewer posts on Facebook, fewer articles in publications, and a complete shutdown of news reporting on both mainstream, and so called, “conservative” outlets.The silence will not be deafening. 

The silence will be bliss. Use the added time to hear birds sing, and marveling at the laughter of children. It is God’s way of readjusting the spiritual compass of our lives.

If a man can criticize, then he can more easily encourage. It takes far less energy. If a man can hate, that same man can love passionately. It takes far less energy. If a man can breathe, a man can love. A man can truly love when that man loves others simply because they breathe.

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