Lightning Bolt Christianity

Lightning Bolt Christianity

By: Danny Wallace

So much is being written by Christian leaders and their “can’t wait for God to send lightning bolts” followers today about God getting ready to reign down judgment on America for sin. The truth behind this lie can be revealed in this thought. If God is about to reign down judgment on anyone He must make the cross of Christ a lie. I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

This same crowd was spouting these accusations against God in 2005, when that year’s deadliest, and most destructive Atlantic tropical cyclone struck New Orleans. At least 1833 people lost their lives to Hurricane Katrina and New Orleans suffered property damage that exceeded 108 million dollars. 

These same “lightning bolt of judgment” Christians gathered in bible studies and hit the air waves to declare that God had judged New Orleans for its blatant sin against His Laws. Once again, if He did, then He made the cross of Christ a lie, and the explanation would be interesting as to why the “sinners” who stood on the sidelines to judge were spared. Rest assured that God, the Father has not sidestepped the sacrifice of God, the Son to destroy anyone for sin that He has paid in full by the blood of His ultimate sacrifice.

If God would spare any city from destruction it would be New Orleans. So many have yet to step into the glorious GOOD NEWS of what Jesus fulfilled for them at the cross. If a man is wallowing in the mud it is simply because he has heard the news that Jesus gave him wings to fly.

What we are shamed to accept we must remain shamed to keep. The spirit of antichrist continues in this game of blame and shame. That same spirit rallies religious troops to continue with the preaching of Law and judgment, and anger written in stone and implemented with sentences of death. The Old is closed, and the New is gloriously opened. Now is the time for the children of God declare it. If not us, then who?

The Old Covenant was written in stone. The New Covenant is written on the hearts of those who are alive in the completed sacrifice of Jesus Christ. The cage door of religious bondage has been opened and the floodgates of judgment have been closed. 

Ask yourself this question; “If God is destroying sinners because of sin, then why on earth are you and I still alive?” The answer is two-fold. One contains our explanation, and the other reveals the truth. 

Our explanation is that we might sin, but we’re not like “THEM!” The truth is that we are all sinners who fall massively short of God’s holiness and glory. We could not reach God, and we could not satisfy a Law that demanded judgment at every turn. Therefore, God came to us. In coming to us, God has satisfied Himself on our behalf through the sacrifice of His only Son, Jesus. 

The message we are so eager to spread of God’s impending judgment, and God’s anger reigning down death and destruction on sinners at every turn is a lie that humiliates the tender sacrifice of God’s eternal Lamb. This is not Good News. This is a continuation of the angry, and self-righteous judgment that nailed Jesus to a cross. God is not destroying cities, nations, or people because of sin. We handle that quite well on our own. The Good News is that God sent Jesus to set sinners free."