By: Danny Wallace

Remember it all. Remember the smiles – remember the tears. Cherish the times when friends drew near, and never begrudge the times when friends walked away.

Remember fondly, every pound lost, and every pound gained. This is life. Remember it all. To remove one thread is to unravel a beautiful garment.

Remember the days when your energy could climb the highest mountain, and when your weakness placed you at the mercy, and care of others. Do not “class,” or file the days, as lesser men class, and file human life. Every moment of life is to be treasured, cherished, and remembered well.

Smile and know that Jesus has finished the race, regardless of the trophies men offer, or where they say you have placed. Forgive everything, and everyone, and remember the fathomless depth, and boundless forgiveness that God has freely given to you.