Experience The Adventure

Experience The Adventure

By: Danny Wallace

The cool thing about Jesus is His presence. The simple fact that His brand of love leaves everything behind to come and find us makes Jesus my kind of guy. Some people talk about love – philosophize about love – or even write, and speak about it. Jesus just leaves Heaven behind to find the kind of dude that others wouldn’t be caught dead with and says,“I’m so glad I found you. Can I hang with you for a while?”

Conditional talks, but love is at it’s best when it reaches out to touch us right where we are – no matter where we are. Unconditional love certainly has great intentions, but love worth experiencing determines how quickly it can pull others into its healing embrace. Unconditional love changes everything. It’s the “Jesus Brand” of love.

This unique gift is what makes Jesus the “coolest of the cool!” He longs to spend time with people that others have sidestepped and long forgotten. He doesn’t see what we are; Jesus sees what we can be. 

His smile lights the room, and His presence comes with no coaxing, begging, or special servitude required in a fleeting effort to match His “matchless” level of royalty. Jesus just loves being with us. Jesus loves because love is His greatest gift to man. Jesus is giddy in anticipation of your expression when true love is unwrapped.

Unwrap the gift today and pass it on to the world.