By: Danny Wallace

How does one define priceless? Everything has a price, right? Priceless means that an item is invaluable. Because of its rarity or quality, its value is so great that it can’t be calculated in terms of mere money.

There is priceless that someone could purchase if it were for sale. However, for sentimental reasons the person holding the item is unwilling to part with it for any price. Then, there is priceless that is not for sale and no person could afford it even if it were for sale.

A child’s drawing, for example, is invaluable to the parent receiving it. If it were for sale it could easily be afforded as a piece of art. In short, it only has a high monetary value to the person holding it and that person is unwilling to part with it. It is priceless to one, yet easily affordable, but of no interest to the masses.

There are other works of art deemed so valuable that they bear no price. They hang in museums for the pleasure of the viewing public, but no person is deemed worthy to own them privately, therefore, they are deemed “priceless.”

No matter how you look at it – we are all priceless. Priceless art is hanging everywhere you look. It seeks warmth and shelter under bridges in the cold, dark night, and it hangs in mansions, behind gates, far out of sight. The man that sleeps under the bridge has a friend that lives in a cardboard box and diligently guards his belongings as he forages through the garbage for his next meal. That friend considers this man to be priceless, indeed. He’s all they have left – worthless to the world, but priceless to

with fame, fortune, and success are considered priceless for the abundant blessing they bring to those within their circle of influence. However, they mean nothing to those who don’t have that privilege. The same as a child’s art is priceless to a few, but invaluable to the world, every person is priceless to someone and of little worth to others.

When Jesus offered Himself to the Father as final payment for the sins of the entire world He signed our hearts by His blood. By that signature we were instantly made “priceless,” so much so, that every person is deemed beyond man’s ability to value, or purchase. Only God can afford us, and He has willingly paid the price.