Invisible Leader

Invisible Leader

By: Danny Wallace

The greatest leader works hard to become invisible so that others can stand at the center of their destiny and be seen at the pinnacle of their God-given potential. A true leader is uncomfortable in the spotlight. 

Leaders never demand respect for themselves. Respect is freely given in honor of a true leader’s kind, and gentle heart. True leaders never wave their titles in your face; in fact, they are uncomfortable when such platitudes are offered. A leader is easily recognized as the person in the room who loves the deepest and serves with the greatest humility.

I believe with all of my heart that on many a peaceful afternoon, Jesus has taken a stroll across Heaven to sit alone and weep over the message we “leaders” have chosen to bring today in His glorious name. Far too often that message is about accumulating wealth, not cherishing treasure. 

It is about arrogance that rules, rather than humble power that washes the feet of sinners. For the message to remain pure, true, and transforming our rhetoric must be silenced so that truth and healing can be delivered. Truth comes from the One whom we have lifted “high,” so that every broken heart can hear His words, not ours. Surely Jesus weeps as leaders of religion bring forth a self-proclaimed wisdom, believing it be a better way than the finished work of Jesus Christ.

A better way is surely coming soon, and I can hardly wait. It is a day when our ministry branding will be cast in the same place as our sins – in the Sea of Forgetfulness. A day when kings, Popes, televangelists, and homeless grocery cart pushers will all bow on level ground before our Papa who is truly great. In that moment all personal pomp and circumstance will fade away. In that moment we will tremble and pray that no one recognizes us and uses one of those ridiculous titles to identify us in the presence of He, who is the King of kings, the Lord of lords, the Prince of peace, the eternal Lamb of God.

On that day – in that moment – face down before the One who has sacrificed everything to give us life, hope, and freedom; we will be forever in the presence of the One and only “Great Leader – Humble Servant.”

The earth will be instantly changed if we will only join hands and bow now. Heaven was established when Jesus bowed before God on our behalf.