Can You Imagine?

Can You Imagine?

By: Danny Wallace

Can you imagine a world where critics are no more and encouragers cover the earth with words of hope, vision, and love? Or, what about living just one day where all people “agree to disagree,” walking in nothing but love and respect for one another? Most likely that day would yield such miracles we would never need to fear going back to days of living with anything less.

I long to wake up one morning where not a single person is pretending to speak on behalf of God. A world where no one is telling you what God is thinking, or what God is about to do, or who God likes, and in whom He is very disappointed. All religious pretenses would be gone and the only words we would hear repeated in the name of any “religion” would simply be the words of love and “life” spoken by Jesus. That would remove so much confusion as to why God spoke to a million different people and told them to tell the world a million conflicting things. No longer would God appear so fickle, and double-tongued.

What if we woke up one morning and there remained no one on the earth who was selling their version of how to find favor with God? That would be like a free vacation in the Bahamas! What would it be like to wake up in the realization and perfect peace of the fact that ALL people are precious and completely showered in the favor of God? To stand in the truth that this is so by His gift, and never our performance would be like standing on the highest mountain of success.

We would know this glorious truth because the only words being spoken by every Christian would be the repeated words of Jesus. All theories and false representations as to what God is supposedly thinking, or what He is about to do if we don’t get our act together have all passed away. I can tell you with all honesty, that’s as close to Heaven on earth as it could get for me!

It is easy to see how all people could be seen as treasures if the only words repeated across the earth regarding Heaven, earth, life, and eternity are the love-filled words of Jesus. I know it’s a far-fetched dream. We all know that this is not what man is about. This is not the agenda of religion, disguised as Christianity. 

The agenda of religion is that Jesus is cool – Jesus died for us – BUT – we’ll take it from here. That’s our double-tongued message. I get that. I can even appreciate how we arrived at such a garbled idea. After all, we are free indeed, therefore, each people can decide for themselves what their message will be. 

However, in the end, we either declare a message that is continually changing, adding more rules and regulations as it goes, or we are lifting high the glorious message of Jesus. 

IT IS FINISHED brings peace to all who hear it. IT IS FINISHED, a confusion we can do without."