No Longer Orphans

No Longer Orphans

By: Danny Wallace

It is not what you do that makes you who you are - it is “whose” you are that makes you do what you do. The Law is the father of orphans. Those who remain in servitude to the Law will continue to wander through the wilderness as an orphan spirit. 

The Law will not hold you, and the Law will never wipe away a single tear from your shame-flushed face. It is a father that goes to the orphanage to choose the perfect baby and then tosses the baby aside when the first imperfection appears on its face, or within its performance. Our churches are bursting at the seams with many orphans who seek a love that has been theirs all along through the sacrifice of Jesus that fulfilled every part of the Law. An orphan spirit attends religious meeting, after meeting hoping that his attendance will win the Father’s love. A true son “attends” only to fall into his Papa’s arms and sing His glorious praise.

When Jesus was baptized of John in the Jordan River the Holy Spirit descended from the throne of God in the form of a dove to rest gently on His heart. Papa God spoke from Heaven to say, “This is my beloved Son. In Him, I am well pleased!”
These are the words we each long to hear and these are the very words that our Papa has spoken over each of us through the glorious sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross. Our hearts were opened into the full baptism of His sacrifice we were instantly covered in the Father’s own blood. In that moment we all became sons and daughters of Grace – no longer orphans of the Law. From the moment when Jesus said, “It is finished,” God became our Papa. He looks at the entire world and says that we are “His Beloved.”

As orphans we continue to brush our teeth, comb our hair, and put on our Sunday best hoping that Papa will show up at our next service and find us worthy of being a son or daughter. As orphans we believe the religious judgment against us, and receive its sentence of lost, unworthy, or unacceptable. 

Often, we leave a church service, or encounter an encouraging word on the street that leaves us feeling as if we are exactly that – a true child of God, and no longer an orphan. But then we settle into the week and come face-to-face once again with the struggles of life, believing once more that we must earn our Father’s love.

Depending upon how our week goes and how perfect we perform, in our hearts we will either feel that we have been kissed by a dove, or pecked by the pigeons. So we hold on the best that we can until the next service hoping for the same thing again. This is the orphan spirit that comes from the house of Lucifer. He is the father of orphans. He works tirelessly to convince us that we are not the “Beloved of God.”

Jesus paid the price for our sins so that we could walk in the fullness of “His” righteousness, not struggle under the pathetic failure of our own. He wanted us to feel the sweet fountain of love that touches our hearts like liquid gold. He needed us to understand that what we do doesn’t make us who we are. It is ‘whose’ we are that makes us do what we do. If a life of pecking with chickens, or being pecked by pigeons sounds appealing, then foster care under the Law won’t seem all that bad. But if flying with doves and soaring with eagles is your dream of life that can only be exceeded by flying with the angels, then the orphanage will never feel like home.

Spread your wings. Come home. Jesus is here. We are no longer orphans.