Just Enough

Just Enough

By: Danny Wallace

A manipulative personality/spirit is crafty. Did you ever meet the man or woman who blatantly flirts, but word themselves in such a way as to blame the object of their flirtation, should they be called out on it? It’s called, “Bait and switch.” 

A man flirts with a woman, using words that could be taken innocently, or taken as they were intended. If received as planned, all is well. The woman takes the bait, and the man reels her in. If she is insulted and calls him out on his inappropriate suggestion, he is seemingly surprised! He then apologizes for any misunderstanding regarding his obvious flirtation and passes the burden of guilt onto the woman with a remark like, “I’m so sorry. You must think you’re something!”

In the world, we live in that same “bait and switch” manipulative message is played out daily in a million different ways. Social media has provided fertile ground for the bait and switch artists to hone their craft. Lynn and I encounter it all the time. Someone says something negative – I offer something positive – and the person “likes” or converses with Lynn regarding her posts while ignoring mine. It is a sad thing to witness, but I must admit, it can also provide hours of entertainment if you have nothing better to do. Adults, acting like children, always offer a combination of sad and humorous.

I love the posts that seem to speak to the wind. You know the type. You click on social media and someone has randomly posted, “Just because you go to church, don’t think that everybody in town doesn’t know where you were last night!”

You’ve got to admit; that’s funny. To whom is this person speaking? The remark is posted on a social media wall, addressed to no one in particular. Of course, we all know it is most likely aimed at one of his or her “friends,” (there’s your oxymoron for the day) but it doesn’t specify anyone in particular. If we all didn’t have anything better to do, a thousand people could reply with where they were last night. 

Social media is the greatest mirror to our true soul that this world has ever provided. You may differ. You may think that social media is a place where we all become someone unreal – a contrived character. You would be correct in that assumption. Nevertheless, never forget that the longer we talk, the more we reveal. Unfortunately, man does not have the ability to conceal what he contains for long. Sooner or later, what a man carries will spill forth from his soul. 

What are you pouring out today? Is it a mixture of blessing and cursing? Is it “Praise Jesus” one minute, and “Damn them to Hell” the next? Do most people speak because we believe we are entitled, or remain silent because most people know we’re not? When Jesus hung on that cross for the entirety of humanity, He was aware of plenty. There was much that He could have said. 

Jesus knew our every sin. He knew every lie that had been told to arrange His “holy” death. He was aware of who the religious leaders were sleeping with, and He knew the fault of every supporter that had stood by and let it happen. There is no account that Jesus felt entitled to share any of this “unknown” information. After all, He wasn’t hanging on that cross to be right; He was hanging there to become wrong so that WE could be made forever right with God. 

Jesus said that He was thirsty and we dipped a cloth in vinegar to touch His precious lips. He was innocent – we were guilty, and yet, Jesus asked God to forever EVERY single person involved in His death. That means Judas on down. He loved us all. He knew our actual value. In searching His heart, Jesus had nothing better to offer than forgiveness, blessing, and the love of His sacrifice.

Search social media today and see if you discover even one so significantly consistent in blessing others. Taste the waters of social media and determine whether they run consistently sweet, or randomly bitter. We do a lot of talking while saying very little. Jesus spoke just a few words from the cross while offering just enough to save the world.