Love Births Love

Love Births Love

By: Danny Wallace

Jim Jones once asked Father Divine what he needed to do to take his ministry to the next level. Father Divine told him to buy a mansion, robe his followers in white, sit on a throne, say you are God, and your property is Heaven.

Jim Jones responded the way any sane person would. He said, “Nobody will believe that!” Father Divine offered the same demented logic that supports every crazy religious movement on the planet. He said, “Oh my brother, not all, but enough will.”

If a person knows nothing of God’s New Covenant promise to humanity, he will fall into cardiac arrest at the panic message the self-proclaimed, “end-time” prophets are spreading like nuclear manure across the earth today. Thousands of Christians are falling prey to this message, much the same as Jim Jones followed the lunacy of Father Divine’s advice. 

Otherwise, “reasonable” people are stocking up water, firearms, and food in preparation for God’s hour of doom. As things always are in the world of religious charlatans, these prophets are quick to “profit” from buckets of food, bottles of water, and firearms for Jesus. Not to mention, the profit that messengers of fear garner from the fear they spread.

Fear and Doom sell like hot dogs at a county fair in the world of religion. Without the element of fear, religion crumbles and the coffers are emptied. The Pharisees were masters of fear, and every religious decent to their cruel legacy peddles the same message today. 

Fear is the absence of faith. When you hear someone say that you can love some people to Jesus and scare the Hell out of others, run as fast as you can. This message is the directive of Lucifer, born of the spirit of anti-Christ. We love Jesus for one reason, and one reason only. We love Jesus because He first loved us. 

Love births love. Fear profits no one but the religious charlatan spewing the venom. The promise of God is faithful and eternal. The better hope has come. No longer carved in fearful text upon stone or parchment, the New Covenant promise of God is written lovingly on the lining of our hearts. Fear nothing, and no one. I close with these words from my friend, Jeremiah Johnson.

“The greatest expression of God's love is His forgiveness. Don't let anyone talk you out of the power of the blood of Jesus. Don't let condemning preachers or holier than thou Christians convince you that God is angry or disappointed in you. You haven't let God down. You weren't holding him up.”

“We have received a COMPLETE forgiveness. It's not partial or halfway or half done. When Jesus said it is finished, it was FINISHED!”

“When we believe that we are indeed forgiven of all sin, we experience the reality of this amazing love. The enemy is always trying to bring in fear and condemnation, but the enemy is a liar. Jesus was punished and rejected on the cross so that we don't have to be.”