Belief In Our Belief

Belief In Our Belief

By: Danny Wallace

The true beauty of life is found in a sacrifice beyond our undoing. Jesus died for the sins of the world. The moment you hear, “And all you have to do,” you are facing man’s attempt to steal God’s glory. 

The sacrifice for the sins of the world was made to God, and God accepted the sacrifice as righteous and perfect. Our belief does not seal the deal, and our unbelief does not render it void. 

The sacrifice wasn’t made to us – it was made for us. The moment we accept that Jesus finished exactly what He came to accomplish is the moment we are free. Jesus never fails. He is carrying us even when we're so arrogant as to think we can make it on our own. EVERYTHING in life is for our good, and His eternal glory. 

Which is better - to walk in arrogant misery not realizing we are free - or, rest in that freedom and live in joy and peace? I'll take the latter every time. Belief is everything, so long as we believe in what is finished, rather than believing that “our belief” seals the deal. That’s not faith in the finished work of Christ. That’s belief in our belief.