One Small Candle

One Small Candle

By: Danny Wallace

Darkness does not illuminate darkness. In fact, no part of darkness can be discerned from another. Only light illuminates the darkness. 

This alone cancels the idea that pointing to sin heals sin. Love heals sin. There is no healing in the darkness. We don’t heal when we point – preach – or focus on sin. Jesus brings healing, and Jesus is the “Light of the world.” Only Jesus brings light to the darkness in our life, and in the lives of others. 

Therefore, do not be surprised when the enemy rants and raves in his frustration to draw you from this mission. Like a spoiled child that throws a temper tantrum until he gets his way, the enemy will always over-play his hand in a frenzied attempt to draw God’s children away from lifting the “light” of Jesus, and keep them focused on the kingdom of darkness. It is his goal to have us believe that darkness illuminates darkness – something even fools recognize as untrue. 

Stand firm in the love of Jesus Christ. Lift Him high and remove yourself from arguing with darkness. Let lovers of darkness continue in the frenzied battle that speaks with the tongue of dullards. They are well qualified. Only the anointed of God will forsake defense of self to light the candle of Christ. It is more than enough. 

The miracle of Jesus comes when all of Christianity stops standing in the world saying, “The room is dark,” and lifts the eternal flame of God’s only begotten, Son. One small candle is enough to dispel the vast of darkness. Imagine what millions can do.