Point To Jesus

Point To Jesus

By: Danny Wallace

In Matthew 16:24 Jesus gave a simple message to His disciples. It is a message that modern Christian leaders avoid. After all of religion’s books, sermons, seminars, and countless volumes of self-help series are closely examined, they by-pass this one simple truth that Jesus made abundantly clear:

Anyone who intends to come with Me has to let Me lead. You’re not in the driver’s seat; I am.”

When a man is broken – point him to the One who is perfect, not a book that guides you to a better performance. When a husband and wife come to you believing that it is impossible for them to love one another again – point them to the One who loves even the greatest of sinners unconditionally, not religion that loves its own kind.

When you encounter someone who feels hopeless – point that person to the One whose every promise is true, not a leader that sways with the changing polls of popularity. When those who consider themselves more righteous reject you – take the hand of the One who eats a steak dinner with the lowest of sinners and find far better company self-righteousness is willing to give.

Our way is no way at all. Our best efforts are no more than dead-end streets carved through the middle of nowhere in the darkest of night. Our best intentions are no more than just that – our best intentions. When we advertise our gifts, our calling, and our ministries, we waste value time by failing to use that time to speak of the only One who is worth mentioning. When we lead – we fail. When we follow the blessing and unconditional love for every person we have found the power of our true destiny. 

We have nothing of lasting value to offer man, but Jesus has everything. On our best day the greatest Christian leader among us is fragile and weak, but Jesus is strong enough to bear the sins of the entire world on His shoulders. We are void of wisdom – Jesus is omnipotent. If the Holy Spirit of God has no purpose but to point all hearts to Jesus, why would we ever believe that our spiritual gifts and human wisdom have been given to us for any other purpose? 

When we point to sin we glorify the deceptive work of the enemy that can be found in all of us. When we point to Jesus we glorify the freedom from sin that God has given to the world. When we criticize others we become fools who say, “Look, the sky is blue.” A man needs no wisdom, or gift of discernment to declare the negative that is easily seen by all – saint and sinner discern the obvious. When we are a the treasure in a man that is so broken that even the lowest of sinners have rejected him– we have called forth what only “he who has anointed eyes to see” is honored to declare.

This is Truth, and “Truth” is never complicated. Anyone who intends to come with Jesus must follow, and never lead. We are not driving this spiritual vehicle; Jesus is at the wheel. At our greatest moment on earth we are nothing more than a human compass that points to Jesus.