By: Danny Wallace

Truth is more precious than silver – more powerful than earth’s greatest armies. It is secure and steadfast, needing no defense, nor explanation. Truth is Jesus.

Therefore, when we present the gospel of Jesus Christ with any addition whatsoever, we distort the truth. It becomes a lie – requiring “much” explanation. Jesus said if we would come to Him, then He would give us rest. Follow the additions to this truth and there is no rest to be found. 

Rest is found in the Truth of unconditional love. The offering of love with a single condition is the offering of a lie. In the presence of conditional acceptance, life becomes nothing more than a constant striving to achieve – overtake – and overcome. Our rest is found in Jesus, the One who has accomplished all three, giving them to us with no conditions that we perform to merit, or keep them.

Rest in the Truth. His name is Jesus.