Conquered Vapor

Conquered Vapor

By; Danny Wallace

There is much written about Lucifer, and most of it false, therefore; I will not attempt to clear up that misinformation here. I will only say that he isn’t worth mentioning, yet he remains the focal point of performance-based religion. “The devil is accusing me – Satan wants to take my life – we’ve got to overcome the devil,” are but minor examples of religion’s misplaced focus on a defeated illusionist.

It is true that Lucifer once stood before the throne of God as our accuser. He no longer stands there. He was banished, defeated, and forever shackled by the One who stands before God, the Father as our mediator. His name is Jesus. 

As Christians, we need to get our priorities in order. We have managed somehow to major on the minors, while minoring on the majors. Our focus is off. Exclusive religion instills fear of Hell as a means of control. Unfortunately, you can’t attempt to lead via the fear of Hell without focusing on a clown who was defeated long ago. 

Satan tempted the Savior of the world; it’s highly doubtful that he’s tempting you. Religion is tempting you with a conquered vapor. On His way to the cross Jesus said these words. “At this moment the world is in crisis. NOW Satan, the ruler of this world, will be thrown out. And I, as I am lifted up from the earth, will attract EVERYONE to me, and gather them ALL around Me.”

How does religion’s devil have such a reach when Jesus declared him to be thrown out the day Jesus gave His life for the sins of all people? Where is your fear in the inclusiveness of EVERYONE, and ALL? There can be none. Fear is found in “some” – “maybe” – and “if you will.” 

Is it possible that your greatest fear and temptation comes from occupying a throne you should have long ago abandoned? Could your greatest devil be yourself? If your mindset brings you fear, chaos, and constant temptation, maybe a change of mind is just what the doctor ordered. God changed His mind about you the day Jesus said, “NOW is the day of judgment.” On that day 2000 years ago ALL judgment was placed upon the back of Jesus, inspiring God to promise there would never be need for another sacrifice. 

Behold the glory of Jesus Christ! The supposed power of religion’s devil is a myth. He hasn’t occupied a position deserving of mention for a very long time, and never will again. The state of our love and contentment speaks more than our words ever could. Fear says that we believe judgment is coming. Contentment rests in the assurance of Jesus that judgment has come. Satan was long ago cast down, and Jesus is forever Lord of ALL, not a trembling few. Go, and tell the Good News! Fear vanishes at the news of a final sacrifice.