Tolerate & Dominate

Tolerate & Dominate

By; Danny Wallace

I heard a quote written by a religious zealot that said, “I wasn’t put on this earth to tolerate, I was put here to dominate.”

Tolerate means, “to accept or endure (someone or something unpleasant or disliked) with forbearance.” Sounds a lot like “longsuffering,” a precious fruit born by one full of the Holy Spirit of God. Jesus was our best example of “putting up with a lot,” to sacrifice everything, in service to others. In reality, tolerate is the product of humility, offered from a servant’s heart.

Dominate means, “have a commanding influence on; exercise control over.” Sounds a lot like religion. 

The Pharisees leveled the accusation that Jesus was without influence, and unrecognized by their commanding authority. They missed a truth that obviously, we continue to miss today. Jesus did not come to dominate, He came to tolerate, and die for all. A true leader is the greatest “servant” of all. Jesus came to tolerate every transgression, and to dominate our destinies with unconditional love.