Who Leaves A Well?

Who Leaves A Well?

By: Danny Wallace

I recently heard this little story. It very eloquently outlines the difference between Law and Grace, a difference that is “all the difference” in the world.

A bewildered visitor approached an old, Australian cattle rancher, and after gazing out into the miles of unrestricted, open desert surrounding the ranch the visitor asked, "How do you expect to keep all your cattle near if you have no fences?"

The old cattle rancher lifted his head and replied, "If you want to keep your cattle close, dig a well." 

These two very different concepts depict the “life-changing” difference between Law and Grace – Religion and Jesus. Law will always build fences of “thou shalt not” to hold its followers close, while Grace provides a well of living water that will never run dry. All who drink from this well will never thirst again.

Law teaches that Jesus may have purchased our right to begin a journey toward the Kingdom, but it is ours to maintain through a life of holiness and producing the type of fruit that follows obedient, and productive Christians. It is a lie that says, “Jesus may have opened the door, but maintaining a status that allows us to “stay” in the room is up to us.” 

This is the great chasm between Law and Grace. One teaches us to give, serve, surrender, and literally fight for our right to enter the throne room, while Truth teaches: “Grace saves us, and Grace keeps us.” If you want to keep the people close – dig a well.

Fences trap. They only bring frustration, provoking us to break the fences down and break free from confinement. So it is with the Law. A well provides a nourishing quench for our thirst. So it is with Grace. Who leaves a well for a prison of fences?