Bless The Cloud Away

Bless The Clouds Away

By: Danny Wallace

When your day is going down the tubes and everything is falling apart around you – bless someone.

Write a random note or email of encouragement to someone God has placed on your heart. Call someone today and remind them of their wonderful destiny. Tell them what they mean to you, and what they mean to our Papa. Make the call especially if they mean “nothing” to the leaders of religion. It will immediately remove your focus from what the enemy wants you to believe about your life, to focus on what God has ordained for you in the power of your blessing.

Every day has enough troubles of its own. Whatever is happening in your life today, it doesn’t need God’s anointed children adding to the trouble and chaos.

Speak with kindness – never with judgment or harsh criticism. Words of kindness reveal a heart of love and humility. Words of judgment and criticism reveal a self-righteous heart, believing itself to be superior to others.

Fill the air with words of praise to God, and words of encouragement to your fellow man. Just as surely as the morning began with a gray cloud hanging over your spirit, it will disappear in the presence of your blessing.