Speak For Others

Speak For Others

By: Danny Wallace

There is a moment in time that spells true freedom for every person. I won’t hold you in suspense. That moment comes when we finally realize that we have not lived on this earth, or made this journey for ourselves. In short, it is the moment we can truly say, “I am not here for me – I am here for you.” That is true freedom.

We all spend our lives seeking recognition and approval. We need to matter. That is a key element at the core of every person. We only truly matter when we slay the little god of “self” and understand that our complete freedom comes in reaching out to others, with no of others returning the favor.

Jesus taught us this in everything He did, and in everything He said. When Jesus saved a wedding host embarrassment by turning water into wine, even though His time to perform a miracle had not yet come, He was saying, “I’m not here for me – I am here for you.” 

When He accomplished what He did for the adulterous woman, He did so without even a thought of stopping to justify Himself. Jesus never said “Please don’t misunderstand and think that I am ‘condoning’ her sin!” He didn’t say the words, or even think them. He was not there for Himself. He was there for the adulterous woman, and likewise, He is there for each of us.

We all have a story. We have all made an incredible journey. For every person there is the public and private side of things. There is that masquerading performer who has honed his, or her presentation to meet with the greatest approval from the majority. There is also that private person who “most likely,” nobody knows. We all walk through our lives in fear of removing the mask. The enemy has convinced us that removing the mask will remove the approval, no matter that we understand the many conditions attached to receiving such a whimsical love. 

The enemy is able to accomplish all of this fear and bondage over our lives simply because we have yet to reach that moment of understanding the key to absolute freedom. The moment that says, “I am not here for me – I am here for you.” When we understand that, we understand our true purpose for living. 

The most powerful stories of hope and freedom have yet to be told. Fear has held many people captive from finding their true voice again. The best they have been able to do is present an actor’s voice , designed to maintain this false sense of love and approval. However, within our reach today is a person who has given up on life. They are hurting and deathly silent. They don’t believe that anyone cares, and “in their mind,” they don’t believe they have the approval of any person. You and I can change that.

Today, no matter how fearful you may be, leave the mask behind. Isn’t it about time you discover who your real friends are? The real people in your life will cherish you no matter what the removal of your mask reveals. Those who love you with the conditions that you never remove it and never speak the truth of your journey are presenting you with a version of love that is not real. It is the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow that can never be reached. 

Someone needs you today. Someone needs your courage. Someone needs your story. Step forward; spread your wings covered in red, and fly to the very top of God’s Tree of freedom to speak again. You never know who is listening. Inspire hope in other wounded birds so that “they too” can fly again. After all, you and I aren’t here for us – we are here for others.