Just As It Should Be

Just As It Should Be

By: Danny Wallace

No matter how hard we try to avoid it, we always think we know exactly what we need from God. We also think we know exactly how God is going to send it. Seldom, do we have it right. God always works in amazing and unique ways. He works for our good, and His glory – two things we know little about.

Everything I write is more for me than anyone else. On this one subject I am definitely preaching to the choir. You would think that after well over half a century on this earth I would have learned this lesson well. However, I still find myself not only thinking that I know what I need from God, but also, I often think I know exactly what others need, as well. Maybe this describes you today.

I run various scenarios over, and over in my mind and heart with the very best of intentions behind “what I think” would be a neat thing for God to do. I find myself thinking that I have discerned exactly what someone needs, and then I envision in my mind’s eye exactly how God is going to send it to them. Then, “low and behold,” God shows up in such an amazing way that had nothing to do with the other person, and everything to do with changing my heart and my perspective. Truly, God’s ways are not our ways. God’s ways are perfect and full of love. Our ways, no matter how sanctimoniously we sell them, are selfish ways, indeed.

Just when we think we have caged the awe and wonder of God so that we might see Him up close and personal, His great love dissolves the bars of our cage, allowing us to take the glorious flight of spreading hope and healing wherever He has destined for us to go. And this, my friends…is exactly as it should be.