The Numbers Never Lie

The Numbers Never Lie

By: Danny Wallace

Restoring relationships is the subject of a thousand books and ten thousand seminars. However, “restoring relationships” is something approached by most Christians the way most fundamental Christians rates our current President. We often approach the restoring from a “my way, or the highway” – “I don’t care what the numbers say,” mentality.

Before anyone gets their Fruit of the Loops all up in a bunch, this article is not about politics, or campaign support for a person, or party. The following paragraph is merely a short analogy of why most of our relationships can never be restored by our staunch approach. 

Most Christians have labeled our current President as the worst American President to ever hold office, even though the actual numbers present a far different picture. The numbers are fact, not opinion. This President has presided over 75 straight months of private sector job growth. Since he took office 9.8 million jobs have been added to the American economy, and unemployment is down to 4.7%. Once again, these are the facts, not the rhetoric of “I don’t care what the numbers say, I don’t like him.” Nevertheless, the relationship between conservative Christianity and this liberal President will most likely never be restored. You can’t restore what never was.

Sadly, we often set out to restore our broken relationships the way most Republicans and Democrats set out to do the same. We will “restore” when the other person sees things our way, and does things the way “we” want them done. This isn’t restoration. This is religious resolve. There is a better way.

In fact, the only reason most relationships appear to be temporarily broken is because one party in the relationship got tired of seeing things the other way, and doing things the way the other person wanted them done close to 100% of the time. Therefore, the other party sees the relationship as “broken.” Once again, think of it like people see politics. If a conservative is elected, the liberals see the relationship as broken. They dig in for four years and try to change that relationship at the next election. Likewise, if a liberal is elected, the conservatives see the relationship as broken until their chance to “vote in a healing” presents itself at the following election. There is no wisdom in this process – only foolish, religious resolve. In this regard, we are no different from the religious terrorists we battle.

Jesus gave us the greatest example the world has ever seen in restoring relationships. Granted, it’s a radical and somewhat “liberal” approach, so you might want to hold on to your Fruit of the Loops to avoid the bunching. Jesus decided to become wrong so that those who were wrong could be made right. If you were a liar, then He allowed God to judge Him guilty of your lying, allowing you to walk away spotless in God’s eyes. If you were a whore, God judged Jesus guilty of being a slut so that you could walk away in the garment of angels. I told you it was radical.

If you’re trying to figure out how to restore a broken relationship this morning, consider this. Maybe the facts matter more than the matter of fact principle upon which you have chosen to stand. Consider how your plan is working in comparison to the lives reconciled to God by the sacrifice of Jesus. The numbers never lie.