Emergency Love

Emergency Love

By: Danny Wallace

Everything can change in a moment. People can feel good one moment, and find themselves at the point of despondency the next. All it takes is one careless word, from one cruel person. Words are indeed sharper than any sword. They cut into hidden places. They leave open wounds that cannot be seen by the human eye. 

In time, healing comes; however, hurtful words leave behind thick scars. 1 Thessalonians 5: 11 asks us to speak encouraging words to one another. We are asked to build up hope with our words, to include everyone in the encouragement, and no person is left out or left behind. We should do this consistently – do this always.

Life is not long enough to overcome negative and hurtful words. Allowing hurtful words to pass our lips is equal to committing murder without the decency to bury the body. They are unnecessary, with no purpose whatsoever than to wound, destroy, and cut others down to our diminished level of integrity. 

Encouraging words should be offered first to those who never have an encouraging word to offer others. If there is time left over before leaving this world, we can proceed to provide to our fellow encouragers. Encouragers don’t mind waiting patiently in line. They will be the first to understand the need to begin where emergency love is required.