Not So Sure

Not So Sure

By: Danny Wallace

I did the craziest thing recently. I posted an encouraging comment on the wall of Charisma News regarding their recent article reporting that worship leader, Vicky Beeching had come out to say she has struggled with same-sex attraction all of her life. Charisma was asking, “What do you think?” Crazy me, told them.

I said, "Treating others the way we would like to be treated isn't a theory that sweeps into the room upon our approval, and storms out again at the whim of our disapproval. Unconditional love and respect for all people, at all times, is a foundation, not a window dressing.”

Sounds simple enough to me, but evidently not. One lady commented, “Doesn't look like you love Christians, so your statement about "unconditional love" is pure hypocrisy.”

Now, I remember why I never say “Jesus things” in a forum filled with religious discussion. It brings new light to “tossing your pearls” and then running for your life before the pigs eat you up. 

Oh well, before I bowed out, I at least tried to leave it on a high note. I responded, “Respectfully, unconditional love doesn’t know the difference between ‘Christian and non-Christian – saint, or sinner. Since my comment encouraging us to treat all people with love, and respect seems difficult to understand, I’ll simplify it by stating that unconditional love stands with Vicky Beeching before, and after her personal revelation. Likewise, it stands with us all.”

If you think that Jesus was unrecognizable by the time He got to the cross, can you imagine what He would look like today when modern religion finished with Him? I seriously doubt we would ever let Him live to make it that far. God showed great wisdom in sending His precious Son in sacrifice at the hands of barbarian Romans. I’m sure it would not have gone so smoothly in the hands of American religion.

To prove this point, I submit this final comment from a lady who responded to my thoughts on unconditional love…

“There is no "unconditional love" taught in the Bible, the first word spoken by Jesus in the Gospel is "Repent," so God's love is conditional. We don't get to carry our sins to heaven with us. We can love this woman and not love her sin, or her condoning of sin. 'Love the sinner and hate the sin' is a simple principle. We hate the sin because we love the sinner. If you love someone, you don't want them continuing in their sins. "Whatever you do is just fine with me" is not Christian love.”

Yes, I’d say placing Jesus in the hands of Romans was a far better choice than trusting Him into the hands of American religion. In the hands of Romans, the cross stands as the gateway to freedom that we, “Americans” would have never allowed opened.