Life Without Limits

Life Without Limits

By; Danny Wallace

A New Year is here and what a time to be alive! The sky is still blue, the trees all robust and tall. In general, it will be a year just like any other since the beginning of time. Some will say there just aren’t enough hours in the day, while others will reach to lofty heights, with time to spare. Time doesn’t discriminate – we do.

The fact is, 2017 will be what you and I decide it will be. While thousands will continue to reach for the negative, many others will awaken to the joy of living in the finished work of Jesus Christ and soar to lofty heights in the positive. They will cease their striving to “fulfill,” what was long ago satisfied by Heaven’s best. In the splendor of Grace, the skies will sing with blessing and peace, as we breathe out, what God has unconditionally breathed into our very souls.

Some will count the aches and pains of their whole bodies, while others will bring more joy to the world, with no arms or legs – bringing more hope to the world, unable to speak. Life is how we see it, and what we decide it will be. How do you see your life in 2017? 

Some people received word from medical professionals that they are dying this year. Upon this word, they have already buried their joy for life. To this, I say, “We are all dying the moment the umbilical cord is severed, and our first breath brings us to life. When we open our eyes to see this marvelous world for the very first time, we either see it as a climb to the peak of our destiny or a slow descent toward death. With today in hand and tomorrow never promised, we all stand on level ground. How we see it is up to us.

Some of the most miserable and unproductive people we will ever meet, seemingly, possess everything, while some of the most exuberant and productive people don’t appear to be privileged with any advantage the masses strive a lifetime in misery to attain.

If you don't like where life has taken you - stop riding in a driverless car. Take the wheel in 2017. Change focus from negative to positive and "see" the good things that God has done! Live a life without limits.