To Live Again

To Live Again

By: Danny Wallace

Grace is not the strength that enables us to live up to a moral standard, holding the judgment of Law at bay – it is the gift of Grace that reconciles us to God by fulfilling every requirement of the Law on our behalf. Grace gives abundant life to what were once “dead men’s bones” under the Law. 

I’ve said it many times, and I will say it again. We don’t find freedom by walking away from our darkness. We find freedom by walking “to” the light. The light is Jesus Christ, our Lord. Those who struggle in bondage to the Law are trying desperately to walk away from their darkness. However, they soon discover that they are walking in many different directions – all of which offer no true freedom from the sin and bondage of their former darkness. Rather than finding freedom, they find more darkness, unbridled judgment, and overwhelming shame. In this quest, we only trade one cage for another.

Grace comes to us while we stand in the center of our deepest darkness. Grace sees what we are, and acknowledges that we are found guilty of failing to keep a covenant that God Himself carved in stone. When God came to us with His greatest gift – the New Covenant of Grace, He didn’t bestow on us the power to keep the Old Covenant. God fulfilled the Old Covenant and fully reconciled us to Himself through the shedding of His blood, offered from the sacrificed vessel of His only Son, Jesus Christ, our Lord. No longer are we struggling to walk away from our darkness. Now we are set free by walking “to” the light! It is the small differences that make ALL of the difference.

Through the sacrifice of Jesus, we have been made forever right with God, the Father. Jesus didn’t come to make bad people good. He came to make dead people live.