lynn wallace

Through compelling honesty and humor, Lynn reveals God's mighty and awesome power through the struggles and victories of her life with Danny in her debut book. You will see how the God of forgiveness can live through us so that we can forgive others.


danny wallace

In his first book, MASKquerade, Danny gives a detailed account of his incredible life story. From being physically and sexually abuse from age three, deliverance from the grips of homosexuality and his healing of AIDS. This book reveals a God that loves, protects and frees us to throw away our masks.

man's cage under god's tree

danny wallace

Danny's second book reveals the unlimited freedom every person has through the all inclusive sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Man loved the birds so much, he invented cages. God loved the birds so much that He invented trees. God's desire for you is to soar free, like an eagle!

think with ink

danny wallace

Danny’s third book is the first in a series. It is a compilation of Quote of the Day and Think With Ink articles that Danny distributes daily via email and social media.