Danny wallace

Danny Wallace was born on December 28, 1954, in Huntsville, Alabama. To say that his life has been exceptional” is an understatement.

He was a victim of childhood physical and sexual abuse at the hands of his father, as well as many others, from the age of five until he married at 17. By that early age, Danny had experienced more pain than anyone will ever know in a lifetime.

Emotional and sexual conflict was the result of that doorway being opened in his formative years. Danny spent many years bound in sexual identity confusion until receiving a clearer understanding at the age of 30.

Over the years, Danny was involved in the Christian music industry as a label artist for Brentwood Records in the early 80s. He spent years of concert travel performing as a solo artist, opening shows for The Imperials, Andrus Blackwood & Company and other popular artists of the day.

In the late 90’s, Danny traveled the country with his sons in ministry. He shared his life story and music alongside his long time friend and fellow minister, Lulu Roman, the star of the legendary tv show, Hee Haw.

After years of sharing his testimony of childhood sexual abuse and deliverance from homosexuality, Danny was diagnosed with HIV and full-blown AIDS in 2003.

Through Danny's testimony, No Harm Done, his amazing story covers his survival of childhood abuse and full recovery from AIDS. His message of forgiveness has touched millions of people around the world.

His testimony is, quite possibly, the most inspiring and captivating display of God’s love, forgiveness and great infinite mercy you will ever hear. Danny continues to encourage all who have ever dreamed of being free!