lynn wallace

Lynn and Danny have been married for over 44 years. Though many have heard Danny’s life story, few have heard Lynn’s story.

A portion of Lynn’s life is told from Danny's perspective in his autobiography, MASKquerade - A True Story of Unmasked Freedom. But Lynn's view remained unknown to the public until the recent release of her long-anticipated book, Geez-A-Mighty. The book details her personal and equally incredible journey.

Together, the couple has three grown sons. Lynn was pregnant with their oldest son when they married on October 16, 1972. Though little is publicly known about this amazing lady, now the world will know why her children and grandchildren call her beloved and blessed.

Many women around the world seek Lynn's simple, yet wise, counsel. Though Danny's story has been heard on TBN, CBN, and countless other media outlets, it would not exist without this phenomenal woman.

Lynn is an inspirational mother, mother-in-love and treasured Grammy to six beautiful grandchildren. She is an anointed and inspiring speaker and overcomes many obstacles with grace and forgiveness. People often hear Danny speak of forgiveness, in connection with the horrific abuse he endured as a child. Lynn teaches us the art of forgiveness. As you read her book, you will be inspired, encouraged, and transformed in every aspect of your life.